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Ceramic or Stone Tile and Wooden Floor Installation and Restoration

Your choice of flooring materials and our installation method depends on a variety of factors:  budget, usage of the space, the condition and materials of your sub-floor, under floor heating, insulation, damp-proofing membrane, sound-proofing and interior design preferences.  MasterPro can help you choose which flooring is best for your requirements.  With our wide network of high quality Wooden Floor Restoration In North London, we guarantee you a high standard of workmanship, hassle and fuss free and fast floor installation.

Choose from:

  • Solid wood flooring
  • Ceramic floor tiles
  • Stone floor tiles


Whatever you choose MasterPro may need to undertake subfloor preparation; we will discuss with you what is involved, so you are clear about what we are doing to get you the best results.  For instance, did you know that soundproofing is a legal requirement in flats, or that damp-proofing is needed when laying a floor directly onto cement.

Once we’ve completed laying your new floor, we will seal or oil it, depending upon the result you want.

Whilst we do our best to minimise disruption to you, please be aware that the time taken to lay a new floor varies between projects. Our flooring contractors have many years in the trade and are efficient and will complete to schedule. It goes without saying that MasterPro teams will leave your property clean and ready to use after any flooring installation.

Solid Wood Flooring Installation

If you choose to have a solid wood floor installation, the finished result will add a sense of warmth to your home and can be long lasting when maintained correctly.  Secret nailing means that you will not even see how the floor is secured; you’ll just have a beautiful, easy to maintain new floor.  This also allows for solid wood flooring to expand and contract with varying temperatures.  They can also be floated over concrete by good preparation of your sub floor.  Depending upon the wood used and width of planks, gluing may also be an option.

Engineered Flooring Installation

Engineered flooring is a flexible option.  We will advise you on relevant considerations such as in the condition of your subfloor, the position of the room, insulation or under floor heating system.

Engineered flooring boards can be nailed onto wooden beams (joists or battens), glued directly onto a subfloor, or they can be floated over an existing floor.

Parquet Block Flooring Installation

If parquet or block floor tiles are your preferred look, we can call on a team of specialists for precision and attention to detail. Obviously, how long it takes to lay parquet flooring depends on how complex your chosen pattern is.  Parquet floors, consisting of square-edged blocks require being glued down to your subfloor, from the middle of the room towards the edges. This hides blocks which are cut to fit the space.

Laminate FlooringInstallation

Laminate flooring is commonly manufactured with tongue and groove which makes for ease of installation.  Laminate flooring boards are usually floated, generally with a membrane beneath and are generally not nailed down.

Not only is laminate wood flooring a great budget option, with a clean and easy to maintain finish, it can be installed on any subfloor, including over under floor heating systems.

Ceramic and Stone Tile Floor Installation

U.K. weather, children, young people and pets living in a property mean your floors have to be durable. Ceramic floor tiles or stone floor tiling is long-lasting, looks great and is easy to maintain; they are also very hygienic if you have kids and / or pets.

If your property is in a flood risk area, tiled floors really make sense in terms of cleaning up your home and getting back to normal quickly. Some house insurers insist on replacing existing floor coverings with ceramic or stone floor tiles for flood damage compensation claims.

If you are in an area of high rainfall or flood risk, MasterPro can advise on waterproofing systems to minimise water ingress e.g. in hallways or your ground floor areas.

If you are concerned about safety under-foot, choose from tiles with a textured or riven surface to add slip resistance, even when wet.

MasterPro work with The Tile Association (TTA) registered installers. Members of TTA conform to the highest industry standards.  The TTA logo is assurance of quality floor installation products, excellent customer service and professional workmanship.  Similarly, our sub-contractors may be members of the Federation of Master Builders, which means that if in the rare circumstances you might not be happy, you have a right of redress.

If you are planning house refurbishment, or property restoration and would like some advice on floor installation or restoration, tell us more about your design project by filling in our contact sheet, emailing us here: enquiries@mfbs.london, or simply call Luke Skowronski on:  07888 854464  and we can arrange a convenient time to view any work to be undertaken and quote you.


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