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Storage space in kitchen and bathroom renovationsOne of the greatest challenges in any new bathroom or kitchen design and installation project is optimising storage space, particularly in Victorian and Edwardian properties around London, for instance.   Often local authorities will also impose planning restrictions which mean that building extensions are not an option, placing even more pressure on bathroom and kitchen design plans to offer innovative storage solutions or technological fixes.

Where kitchens or bathrooms only have one wall to erect a radiator, this traditionally meant a loss of storage space due to there being a radiator on that surface.  MFES like to recommend modern heating solutions which eradicate this space squeeze.  Heating systems can now be built into a wall or home owners can opt for under flooring heating.

In warehouse apartment conversions, exposed brickwork maintains vestiges of the industrial history of your living space and acts as a real feature in the space.  Free standing or wall erected shelving can offset the traditional red brick beautifully if you choose the right materials.  For instance, maintaining industrial glass or polished or matt steel in shelving space gives a contemporary twist and will complement the overall feel of an industrial past.

An open space, such as a warehouse apartment, offers opportunities to install the contemporary kitchen closer to the living space, to bring the host closer to guests in adjacent dining areas.  Intelligent design includes kitchen cupboard space as divider features and break up an otherwise large expanse of space.  These clever storage areas can have wider tops which guests can sit at in the living space side.  Ask your kitchen installer or builder about any need for relocating pipework which may add to costs of your property refurbishment.

Minimalist bathrooms and kitchens with classic fixtures and fittings mixed with contemporary materials and storage spaces work really well in these warehouse property refurbishments.

In a classic house it is important to work with the original style of the building.  Home renovation should maintain some continuity.  The limited space available to accommodate an ever-growing array of contemporary kitchen gadgetry should be utilised to the full.  Kitchen cupboards and bathroom fittings should reflect classic design features and the wide selection available offers great scope for bathroom and kitchen designers and installers to collaborate with home-owners looking for a great look for a period home.  Fridges, for instance, can either be a feature of a kitchen, or kitchen design plans can include traditional wooden cupboard doors which hide an otherwise ungainly appliance.

Clients can achieve a traditional feel if they live in a modern home fairly easily.  Kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors, tap fittings, sink basins and floor and wall tiles create a classic feel, wherever the home improvements take place.

Limited floor space can be a challenge in any house refurbishment.  Where possible – and especially when a home have low ceilings – a kitchen or bathroom designer will recommend installing cupboards from floor to ceiling.  In a kitchen, island breakfast bars, with storage cupboards below maximise storage space.  Suspended pot racks overhead add to a feel of a working kitchen and work well in both traditional and contemporary kitchens.

A freestanding kitchen is an easy solution in terms of installation as furnishings can be changed and moved around over time when you want to freshen the feel of your kitchen.

Galley kitchens in older properties are a real challenge in terms of maximising storage space.  Moving around between cooker and work surfaces must be as easy as possible.  Underfloor heating or heating behind walls optimises space for additional shelving and kitchen cabinets. Kitchens with high ceilings in these older houses, whilst more challenging in terms of heating, offer fantastic opportunities for getting creative with storage space.

The smaller bathrooms often found in Victorian and Edwardian homes mean that clever bathroom design is a must.  So for instance, cupboards can be built into a wall around a toilet and home-owners might want to opt for a walk in shower, rather than keep a bath, which takes up floor space.

Kitchens in attic conversions are perfect for extended families who might prefer private living spaces.  For those people who like to entertain regularly, balcony extensions to loft kitchens mean guests can dine outdoors with fantastic views over local areas and beyond.

As lifestyles change over time and different buildings get converted to residential areas, so kitchen and bathroom design has had to move with changing living spaces.  Interior design offers some fantastically creative solutions to the need we all have for maximising storage space.  If you are planning home renovations or want a kitchen or bathroom makeover in the future, speak to a company, like MFES, who will work with you in planning your home improvements so your spaces are optimised for your lifestyle.


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